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Introducing the New Matter Quil, the best 3D printing pen - made for everyday use by everyday people. The Quil is an easy-to-use, all-metal 3D printing pen designed with the end-user in mind. Includes 2 FREE mini spools of filament and FREE shipping.

Introducing the Quil 3D printing pen. It's the perfect companion to the MOD-t 3D printer. Use Quil to weld, fill, adorn, and even create amazing standalone pieces. 

Quil 3D Pen

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Enjoy all of the nice-to-have features and control over the printing process that you've come to expect from New Matter. 

Easily load/unload and advance non-toxic 1.75mm PLA filament by pressing the "In" or "Out" buttons. 

Adjust speed and temperature by pressing the "+" and "-" buttons in order to fine tune your flow and drying time. 

Always know your exact speed and temperature settings by checking the convenient OLED display.

3 Ways to Use Your Quil

Seamlessly join 3D printed pieces together using PLA filament for perfect welds.

Decorate your 3D prints quickly and precisely to create the perfect look.

Draw your creations in true 3D - a totally different way to explore your inner artist!




Precision. Control. Comfort.

The Quil is simply in a different category than most 3D pens. The all-metal body is built to withstand drops, high temperatures, and prolonged use. Quil's ergonomic shape and slim profile (8.3" x 3.7" x 3.1") is designed for comfort even during long sessions. With controls for speed and temperature at your fingertips, Quil makes 3D printing easier than ever before.

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